Workmen are a credit to you all.
May 7, 2020

Hi Kylie,

I popped over this afternoon around lunchtime to Santiago Cres. (I finish early on a Thursday) and briefly met with the men there while they were on their lunch break and was lucky enough to see them put the trailer under the house after that. ( I stood on the other side of the road well away as I was very mindful of health and safety).

It was fascinating watching them all work independently but together like a choreographed play of movement. They all seemed to know exactly what to do to support each other without much talking and not much hesitation. I guess they have done it all many times before.

I know people are often quick to complain and probably don’t take the time to say how well the job was going. But I think the workmen are a credit to you all as they worked very efficiently and cooperatively together, sensibly and calmly.

It really was an enjoyable sight to see.

So I just wanted to pass on how impressed I was with those guys and the job they are doing. amazing, and obviously they have had very good training and experience.

Cheers, Lynley