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Craig Walker Building Removals Limited has emerged as a leader in the house removal industry. This growth has been achieved through simple, practical, no nonsense business principles.

With over 40 years experience Craig believes the skill and professionalism of the team at Craig Walker Building Removals is the backbone of our ultimate aim, being customer satisfaction.

We are proud of our State of the Art Equipment fastidiously maintained, enabling us to relocate a diverse range of buildings from granny flats to huge mansions.

View an article about our moving company in the Truck Journal (PDF).

Our Aim is the get the job done with a minimum of fuss. We offer our expertise by providing three distinct services:

  • A large selection of houses varying in style and value for relocation to client owned land.
  • The relocation of client owned buildings from one site to another.
  • The valuation and purchase of homes for removal.

Whatever your particular requirements Craig Walker Building Removals will meet them in the most cost effective and convenient manner, never to compromise our stringent standards. We stake our reputation on it.

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